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Bullets don't penetrate water
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When you shout from "ground" to water, your bullets don't penetrate water. Divers can not be affected by weapons, even with vehicules. However, it is possible, on the contrary, to shoot a soldier on the beach for instance, from being underwater.


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in reality bullets don't penetrate water. as mythbusters' prove the projectiles (bulets) will decelerate so fast that the bullets fall apart.

There are plenty of reports of soldiers landing on Normandy being shot while under water. A show I saw on the D-Day landings said the bullets would penetrate about one meter into the water before being slowed to a non lethal speed. Also, there's a difference of angles and distance when firing from the shore at a person in the water as opposed to aiming directly at the water about a meter away. I'd like to see that Mythbusters test done one more time but with a completely different angle and range.

Toss a frag/grenade in the water. Works for me. ;-)

During WW2, likely mortar shells being launched into the water, as well as other explosives. Not too also mention boats exploding, and tanks from the boats going under while the tank's ordanance also exploding. Oh, and don't forget the friendly fire accidents with shells. :-/ eh.

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