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Aim after run/sprint
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Hi all,
first of all, sorry for my bad English.

Than... until now I've the impression that we can run a marathon and than aim a target without accuracy's difference with "campers".

It wouldn't be more realistic that, after a run, we have a worst accuracy?(especially at long ranges and with all weapons... -> that's can be an other points... to much 'fixed' aim without difference between close or long range <-)

We need to recover breath, without this our chest continue to move and so we have less accuracy.

So, we can have a more tactical game (always IMHO), littlest runs, take cover, control perimeter (or, one cover, the other one run... the 1st one take cover, take back breath and he give cover at the second one)


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I agree with this, more work needs to go into the stamina to balance it correctly and reflect actual use of stamina accurately, for example the ticket relating to climbing hills exhausts the same amount of stamina as going down hill or running on flat terrain.

Although bear in mind, well trained and fit soldiers can operate better than average people, so don't try to compare the stamina of an ingame soldier to your own.

vote up, but more for the fact of fixing stamina issues, and also the point you make here does affect gameplay as it does invite the more rambo and less tactical CoD players.

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