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Display current analogue value in the controller settings screen
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A click on customize display the various slider for each analogue part, aswell as the sensitivy and deadzone sliders.

When the analogue part is not in the deadzone (= active), it's analogue part name is highlighted.

But it would be actually nice and very useful to display the current analogue value aswell:

Display the current value (could be simply percentage value).
The deadzone then could give better feedback when it actually is in the deadzone.

This would save a lot of setting up and testing, aswell as a 100% gurantee to have proper settings.


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Go into Controls > Controller > Select a Controller with analogue support > Click on Customize > use the analogue part of your controller

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There is a "show" button in controller customization window. It shows you analog values as percentages. Is that what you need?

Oh wow this menu entry point was kinda misleading. Didn't noticed it.
(Probalby should be called "Show values" instead of just "Show")

The only thing which is now needed is the calculation of the deadzones.
(so a value when it does the deadzone trigger)

Should be really easy to add if there it already shows and updated the values.

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