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Sniper scopes arent working with nvg
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When some scopes are used with rifles at night, once I press the right mouse button to aim at night using night vision goggles, the nvg effect is disabled.
Once I stop using the scope, the nvg effect is able again.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Play at night with night vision goggles equipped.
-Get a rifle like the MX 8.5mm series.
-Put a sniper scope in your inventory to be attached to the rifle like the RCO.
-Turn ON the NVG using N key.
-Aim with right mouse button.

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This is no bug. You can keep the holo's in front of the NVG lense, but it doesn't really work with the scope. We need a NV scope attachment for night combat (the one that you can put in front of the actual scope).

I am sure there will be NV scopes in the full game, or even perhaps the beta if we are lucky. Nothing to worry about really.

You can use the reflex sight with NVGs by pressing Left Ctrl + Right Click. Otherwise, as has been pointed out, this isn't an issue.

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NV in the game are binocular - that doesn't work with scopes.

Thanks for the info.