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Map unloads some in game objects?
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It seems like when I want to quickly check my position on the map, I press M and there is a pause while the map comes up. I can live with that I suppose... But what annoys me is that when I press M again to close the map, it pauses again and then it goes back to the game and it looks like it has to reload some textures/objects. So it can take a second or two, to load the map, then I have to look at where I am, and then a second or three to close the map and go back in to the game. It makes a quick glance at the map in to a bit of a chore.

If I remember rightly, this was an issue in Arma2 as well, and I hoped you could find a solution by now.


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Go on a big mission, open the map, close the map.

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Maybe there could be a "quick map" option or something, which loads up a windowed version of the map rather than full screen, and maybe have it inactive so it just shows the nearby area and not the entire continent if you scroll it around. Maybe then it could be snappier to quickly check my location and get back to the game.

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Duplicate of #1743.