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Character continue walking
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The character keep going forward with few chances to stop.


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-Set a key to slow forward from controls.
-Once in game and with a weapon equipped, press 2x left ctrl to down the weapon.
-Press the slow forward key and when you are walking, press the right mouse button to aim.
-Once you did that, the character keep going forward.
-Sometimes can be stopped changing weapons or using a leader to climb (not tested entering a vehicle).

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build. Thank you.

Seems fixed now. But when the character is with the gun up, once the player press the slow forward button and without releasing it 2x left control to down the weapon, the character will walk 5 steps forward and it will stop.


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With the latest development build I still have the problem but I don't need slow forward to reproduce:
If I move forward (holding W) while primary weapon lowered
and I press Optics mode key than I get infinete moving forward.
It can only be stopped by vaulting (V)

Duplicate of #739.