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Crash with FreeTrack
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Issue #5494 is not a problem with FreeTrack - other FreeTrack-enabled applications work fine with the FreeTrack protocol. It is not the FreeTrack server application that is crashing, but Arma 3 itself, hence a bug is present in Arma 3. It is the Arma 2/Arma 3 engine's implementation of the client side of the protocol that is the problem and causing the crash. I am trying to upload a compressed crash dump this time to help (but for some reason uploading is not working right now).
Closing the issue and stating "Contact FreeTrack support" is not helpful. "FreeTrack support" cannot be responsible for crashes in a game built by BI. {F18304} {F18305} {F18306}


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Start a FreeTrack data serving program, (e.g. FaceTrackNoIR). Then start Arma 3. It crashes on the BI splash screen. Restart Arma 3. It then loads fine.

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Dump now uploaded. the part01/part02 rar files are one archive split into two pieces to allow it to upload. I have used WinRAR to archive the dump.

Arma III officially not support FreeTrack.
Forwarded to our programmers for check.

I have tried to reproduce the issue and encountered a crash when Arma 3 tried to initialize TrackIR. The thing is that FreeTrack emulates TrackIR's behavior by providing it's own NPClient.dll which provides a bunch of functions we call in Arma 3. The crash actually occurs in one of these functions (NP_GetSignature) in the library itself.

FreeTrack is not updated since 2008 so I simply suspect that its functionality no longer matches the functionality of TrackIR and thus the functionality we support in Arma 3.

There's not much we can do here, sorry, so closing.