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Offroad (pick up truck) performance
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FIRST OF ALL - is the truck a diesel or gas? Being Greece, I'd say it'd be a diesel.

Is it modeled after a real life truck? Or like a concept?

Titans and Hilux's come to mind.

The truck in this game does 0-60 in about 15 seconds. Which is painful. If it were a gas/petrol engine I'd be at least a 4.9L V8, probably bigger, either way the 0-60/100km/h would be about 7 seconds.

Even with a little 3L 4 cyl diesel like a Toyota Hilux (which is in fact smaller than the truck in this game) the 0-60 would be NO MORE than 12 seconds. A big Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins can do it about 7-8 seconds. 20 years from now I'm sure the diesels with small engines will be able to do 0-60's in less than 9 seconds.

Can you please change the 0-60 anywhere from 8-10 seconds so realistic and I can actually have fun driving it.


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Put truck on runway.
Get out a stopwatch.
Press W.

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An argument might be made "oh well it's fast enough" - yes the top speed is fast enough. But put the truck on the runway and press W you'll notice how slow it actually accelerates.


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m1nd0 added a subscriber: m1nd0.May 7 2016, 12:57 PM

I suggest also looking into the quad then. Since it's a geared quad (atleast from the sound of it) it can
A. Accelerate faster then most cars
B. Reach speeds of 120km/h easily.

Even if it's not a geared quad it should still accelerate way faster. The topspeed can be 80, no problem with that but the acceleration for the first 30 km is just painfully slow.

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sarlac added a comment.Aug 1 2013, 6:00 AM

Also for some reason it holds 10kph and 30kph almost as if by cruise control