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Make seperating communications device and default playback device possible ingame
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In windows, sounds are usually played though the 'default playback device', while communications are usually handled by the 'default communications device'.

This way, one can play the sounds of a game through speakers, while communicating with a headphone on (for example) TeamSpeak or Skype.

However, ArmA3 currently sends all commutations over the default device. We request making it possible to use our communications device for all ingame communications(Global, Side, Groupchat when using the ingame VON).


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Perhaps instead of using the Windows settings, Arma could allow us to select which device we want to use for comms and which for the rest of the game sounds. Many onboard realtek chipsets now support two separate devices, for the front and rear ports, so it's just a matter of Arma sending the comms audio and using the mic on whichever device is selected in the settings.

I don't know if there's any benefit to doing it this way rather than just using the Windows Control Panel settings though, whichever works best. If the user only has one device, Windows will have the playback device and communications device both set to that anyway, so sending the comms audio over the default communications device will still work for such users.

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Oh yes please oh please. I'd already be happy with a simple selector that doesn't use the default windows input, but full control over which outputs to use would be amazing (More realistic also (I just put that word in because I know people in the Arma community like it)

It's been a while since the last update of this feature request.
Could anybody please give it a higher priority, since it would absolutely improve communication and could make the use of third party tools obsolete!
So please, give it a try and improve our ingame communication.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi BI, it's been nearly 3 years now. Putting my hand up as a +1 for this feature please.

I have a banging speaker system and like to use an over ear wireless headset, for comms only, with push to talk. Anyone who has played like this knows it's a treat. As it currently stands though it really sucks having comms come through speakers, the sound clashes or you have to turn effects down so you can hear your squad.

Using 3rd party comms works, but when you play with pubbies you still want to be tactical.

It's kind of odd that this feature does not already exist in A3 and a lot of other games with built in VoIP. Is it just too hard to do? I would be happy to send/receive VoIP to the Windows default communication devices, but selecting specific input & output for VoIP in game would be ideal.

Come on guys. Use some of that sweet sweet Apex cashflow and make dev time for this feature.

funny, that some Windoof publishers always treat audio like its something that doesnt need full attention!
its justr a small little thing but it makes my world full of sunshine and rainbows when i have the freedom to choose my playback device without having to kill another audio stream for it...

i´m voting at SPOTIFY feedbacktracker for exact the same reason here: