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Secret door need to be deleted.
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I found a door that are hidden inside a wall.

The door cannot be used by players, but IA can open this door and walk through the wall.

A hidden door need to be deleted. Maybe it is also a problem with other "buildings" in the game. I recommend watching the video it show everything

I have seen AI's walk through the wall in other buildings in that city, maybe you need to check the buildings that have 2 levels.

Also it is difficult to place any ai in a special possition inside a house.
Normal i place the ai on the street and then I make a waypoint on the building and select example possition 5.
But the AI find it very difficult to navigate, and often get stuck in walls or inside walls.


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looks like those 2 buildings are to close to each other

Is that what it is? Two buildings too close?
Good catch anyways delevero

Thank you L33chw33d.

By the way Rstratton, i think you are right.. The small building is to close to the house, I did not notise before you wrote your comment.


Well Problem Solved.

++++ Please move the small building a little. ++++

Mass close.