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Part 2: Explosives vs Objects Test
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things that aren't affected but should be

  • steel drums (the empty one should definately tip over, the closed one.. is it full of something like fuel?)
  • blue barrels (barely move) - the one with sand and water shouldn't much more than shake, but the empty one would probably fall over
  • skull/skeleton (barely move)
  • wooden bench + table with cash (barely move, maybe not move but at least shake)
  • metal chair + camping tables (chair should fall over or something, tables should shake at least)
  • blue barrels, steel barrels - especially the empty ones, the full ones maybe can fall over.
  • skull/skeleton - should bust them up
  • grenades don't do much to tables, chairs, desks, etc.
  • single tire doesn't even shake, a little shake would be good
  • doesn't do much to the two non-light pylons, the "oranger" of the 2 does move a few feet
    • 40mm GRENADES
  • checkered flag and little flag post should bend towards ground for 40mm
  • chairs and bench, desk, table, etc. don't move. sunchair
  • same thing with the pylons, the two little ones sometimes move sometimes barely move.
  • skull/skeleton needs to shatter
  • blue barrels
  • steel drums
  • wooden saw horse doesn't break up like suggested for the hang grenade and explosive
  • metal drums
  • brick stacks don't move... best case would be to make a destroyed model where its a small pile of bricks sitting on top of a broken pallet and we can all pretend that little bricks went flying everywhere (you could do that if you want that'd be wild)
  • the checkered flag didn't do anything (should bend towards the ground)
  • flag posts (arrows) should just bend over and not go flying off into the sunset, if they're in the ground it's such a small surface area that bending the flag towards the ground would be good
  • the more red of the 3 pylons didn't move
  • the single tire didn't move
  • the more orange (not light) of the 3 pylons didn't move more than 3 feet.
  • stack of sacks doesn't move at all (Explosive)
  • scaffolding needs to break apart (down, whatever)
  • water basin
  • metal drums
  • stack of sacks
  • coil
  • large stack of pipes
  • concrete barrier (they need to be turned into rubble)
  • stack of tires and single tire don't do anything (realistically tires should go flying whatever)
  • the little mine sign should probably flatten down to the ground at the least
  • the checkered flag doesn't drop, the little yellow one does, same thing about the little arrow posts, who knows where they went HAH
  • scaffolding
  • water basin
    • DAR
  • same things for explosive really...
  • all the small market objects. anything that esentially should've been destroyed like with the explosives don't really move BUT 4-6 rockets at the concrete pipe launched it through the air over 1/2km... did a nose grind on the inside of a hanger and out the other side, pretty spectacular to see but hard to believe, it would be dust long before it went on a flight
  • can't seem to destroy the guard rail like the explosive would do
  • backpacks

things that ARE affected but shouldn't be

  • coil and concrete pipe move a little bit (trivial)
  • sign posts (the arrow ones) - they move, if they're in the ground they shouldn't IMO
  • concrete pipe and coil shake a bit with grenade.
  • two arrow sign posts go flying
  • red post disappears
  • scaffolding bounces and shakes forever after (this happens with pretty much any explosive)
    • 40mm GRENADE
  • two arrow sign posts fall down (they should bend down towards the ground)
  • grave tombs
  • concrete pipe and coil jump around
  • graves - instead of moving if you make a different destroyed model with chunks missing from it that'd be sweet.
  • I think that the coil and concrete pipe move too far.
  • tombs (they should be 1/2 destroyed, make a model for that, but they shouldn't move)
  • H-barriers disappear (literally... maybe use a damaged model for them)
    • DAR
  • same idea as the satchel, I find it hard to believe those little rockets would cause the H-barriers to disappear (maybe a destroyed model would be better)
  • tombs


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  • sometimes things like the road barricades of the red/white flagged 4 post thing will fall on
  • the ground and jiggle

-like shooting it, that red/white post will disappear when blown up the umbrella becomes a clippable object (though knocked over)

  • when destroyed, the camping tables don't move they just sink into the ground when blown up (explosive)
  • the sun chair doesn't move it just gets folded up and lays flat on the ground (explosive)
  • blue empty barrel burns from... anything really, bullets, explosives, etc.
  • the sack, flips upside down (explosive) and there is no bottom texture therefore it's invisible from the bottom.
  • basket flipped upside down and stayed suspended on its 2 handles, should never be allowed to land directly on its top
  • flipping old ammo crate shows black bottom (40mm)
  • 2x hand grenades and 4x 40mm did not destroy any ammo crates when 1/2 clip of ammo will
  • wooden objects definitely should obliterated with satchel and in my example placing a satchel between the coil and wooden crates caused neither to move and the wooden crates absorbed the blast protecting everything that would normally move from a 40mm
  • all the training objects + field toilets become clippable objects when destroyed by explosive/satchel
  • claymore shoots light pylon about 100 feet every time? it does now. should it have that much of an affect on pylons?
  • wooden objects (like bench, table w/ money, etc.) should be broken into pieces when exploded, especially anything bigger than hand grenade and definitely bigger than the 40mm?
  • should pipes move? right now they absorb the blast... good for cover in that case. to make them move realistically they'd have to move as individual pipes. It's probably perfect how it is.
  • definitely wooden wheeled cart should have a destroyed model (from explosive+)
  • scaffolding needs to to crumple into a pile when hit by an explosive, satchel, etc.
  • consider? having a destroyed model for stack of bricks and for the cinderblock stack for explosive and for satchel and DAR.
  • do you think there should be better destroyed models for training equipment? really not necessary but all they do is flip upside down or sink into the ground.

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