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Comprehensive Object Shooting Test
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INTRO: I noticed that when I was placing objects in the mission editor, if I shot one, it moved. So I placed every object I could into a mission, and shot every one, recorded the whole thing. Please watch the youtube video as it's the best way of seeing what I'm talking about. But the summary is at the bottom.

START: So first thing right off the bat was an error (see screenshot) I was greeted with an error about not having a sign.

Then as I shot around I noticed these things.

  • skeletons and skulls float off the ground, when they are shot they move a little bit, but really the skull especially should fragment into small pieces. If hit by something explosive the skeleton should break apart (or something similar)
  • most objects that shouldn't move when shot by bullets, move. Things that are small (like plastic patio chairs or buckets) move a little but maybe should move more.
  • Very small objects should be kicked (watch video you'll see an example where I DO kick a canister but am not able to kick the bucket beside it.
  • Old ammo crate cooks off when you shoot at it (but it doesn't explode or shoot bullets all over) it disappears after a few seconds (actually it sinks into the ground). But it will not cook off if you launch a 40mm at it. In fact no other ammo crates cook-off and/or explode when shot at or have 'nades shot at it. They should.
  • There's some barrel fire lighting fire clipping. (you'll see what I mean)
  • A closed barrel can be lit. Which doesn't make any physical sense.
  • An empty blue barrel (if shot not hit by a grenade) will burn up in a ball of fire not intended for the barrel. That's a bug.
  • Lighter calibers and heavy calibers have minute differences in their ability to make things move. I think it's subjective but I felt the 5.56 moved the vertical pallet less so than then the bigger 7.62 or 6.5. I think if you wanted to be VERY detailed (you don't have to be unless everyone else thinks so) different calibers would have different affects on moving objects.
  • backpacks are standing upright (which is realistic I suppose, so long as the shoulder straps are not open like ghosts are wearing them and they're not floating above the ground, they're unaffected by bullets and grenades)
  • the water canister floats a few inches
  • wheelbarrow falls backwards when shot and the arms go straight into the ground. That shouldn't happen.
  • most signs don't load.. oh wait! lol stupid me didn't realize TODO means "To Do" DUH!!
  • Tires (pile or single) hiss when shot at. Which doesn't make sense, there's no air in them.
  • In the video you can hear what sounds like water sloshing and I've been trying to reproduce that sound but I haven't had any luck. The sound is good but you can hear when I'm quite far from whatever it's coming from. I'll post it if I can figure out what's going on there.
  • From what I can tell bullets do not go through the beach umbrella and the beach chair. They're cloth so it definitely should.
  • Bullets need to be able to go through the metal folding chair.
  • Gravity has a major affect on objects (more so on the ones that shouldn't move, fix that so they can't move and it's all good) EXCEPT FOR:
  • signs, they go on a crazy dance down the hill and up the other.
  • barricades, fall over when shot, probably shouldn't, and will bounce a bit (about 20 feet or so) that shouldn't happen. {F18282}


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I should note and I apologize that a lot of these objects will only bounce or move once. If they're shot again they will not move. I'm not sure if its worth fixing in some cases. Definitely to the big things like the concrete pipe, coil, and the grave tomb things.

However there are some objects that only shake once but should shake again (like the blue barrels).

I'm testing out what effect all explosives have on every object right now. So far so good. check out the explosives test too.

IGNORE the report about ammo crates not cooking off when shot at, they do. They just sink into the ground and disappear when they do. Minus the actual cooking-off exploding sending bullets everywhere part.

Great report. I noticed a lot of the same things; thought I might be the only one to try to do such unusual activities!

Arma 2 was identical in terms of objects 'moving' or 'settling' the first time they are shot or hit by something. I think that no physics calculations are done on the object until something hits them. Then the game is checking for collisions with other objects and the ground, hence the movement. Most vehicles will 'settle' by an inch or two if you shoot them, just like in Arma 2.

Not confident about that aspect of the game engine being fixed, but things like empty barrels catching fire and all the rest can hopefully be cleaned up quite quickly.

Try driving a vehicle into an empty barrel or two. The empty barrel often wins! Perhaps PhysX is not fully implemented yet, or won't apply to all objects.