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Gas Settings on Automatic Weapons.
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Modern Firearms that are Gas Operated often have Gas Plugs, Pistons or regulators to push the Bolt back, reload and fire again, all in a split second.

A Good Example is the M240 / L7 / GPMG / C6. The Gas setting is set on the Firing Range using a set procedure.

The ability to regulate the Gas pressure allows you to fine tune the Rate of fire, but it also allows you to reduce the strain or damage on the weapon from Sustained fire. Firing your weapon without "Balancing it" leads to excess wear on it and reliability issues.

Equally the SA80/ L85A2 has a Gas Plug setting of "E" For Excessive if your weapon has been used for alongtime / Significant Engagement and this increases the Exhaust size of the Gas Plug and stops the Weapon becoming blocked by a build up of Carbon and burnt propellant.

Much like we can adjust Zero Distance, it would be good on sustained fire weapons if we could adjust the GAS PLUG Settings, as this would alter the Rate of Fire and the controlability of sustained fire or Automatic weapons.


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I like this idea and I'm voting it up, but I have to say that this kind of realism would probably be more relevant for a team of modders e.g. ACE. I'm not sure BI will go to these lengths in creating a combat simulator.

Though still, voting it up.

You maybe right on that, it probably would fall more inline with ACE. That said BIS might say Weapons in the future don't use Gas Blowback Automatic Weapons and use another technology TM in the future?

From my own personal experience with GPMG's Balancing them is key to getting a clean firing weapon which can give nice controlled bursts, and provide more effective fire and Area based fire, and beaten zones of fire.

This gets across the idea nicely...

very, very nice idea, BUT as long as the weapons still functioning like in a Free-to-play-no-one-cares-about-realism-shooter, this is way over the top of the Must-haves and Nice-to-haves - still an upvote

Honestly I agree with you, hence my Priority Low and Severity Tweak.

But I also thought I'd throw this in because Actually ARMA goes alot more indepth than most Military Games, and from my perspective I want ARMA to become the best Military SANDBOX it can possibly be and like a lot of things in life, the Joy is in the little details (or possibly the Devil?).

There are some nice things this feature would give, cyclic rates on Vehicles could be tuned as well, on the fly, Imagine being able to alter the Zero and Cyclic rate of your SAW or GPMG?

Might be worth adding if they added features like barrel overheating and changes as well, else why would you choose to operate the MG on anything but maximum cyclic-rate if it has no real downside other than burning through your ammo a bit quicker? (assuming your ability to do controlled bursts isn't very good)

It's not hard to add different cyclic rates to MGs as an addon though, you just add a couple more firemode classes to the weapon with different 'reloadTime' values and a displayname like "Gas 1", "Gas 2" etc. for each setting. Then you can cycle through them with the F key like you would between Semi, Burst and Auto modes.

You are right, I put my hands up and admit it, this is my backdoor method of trying to get them to introduce Barrel changes.

But also Jamming from fouling, if you fire alot of ammunition weapons do foul. The more fouling the greater the chance of a stoppage.

Same with heat build up, and runaway guns etc from Cook-off.

So all of these things are inter-related.

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