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No underwear in the field, please!
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It is nice that you give people the freedom to remove pants, but sometimes you see people trying to change outfit and fail and run around in combat in underwear with a helmet and vest. This is just wrong. At least make them have trousers auto-equip.
The underwear look could be viewed in the menu to know what you have selected and what not, but if you leave the menu without taking care of your trousers, these would be auto added and you would see them on your character when going back to the inventory menu.


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No, we should take this no pants thing one step further: Go Commando! (Real soldiers do!)

Alright, I'm callin' in the police... you mean bunch of perverts.


What about a "don't forget pants" option in the menu? Check it and the embarrassment has an end.

Yeah, Commando!

This issue seems to be a secondary one (caused by inability to take clothing in MP, which has its own ticket). Otherwise it's up to the mission maker to decide how clothing is handled.

Closing as no bug.