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Zoom in/out on mousewheel & zoom "lock"
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I would like to use the zoom in and out function on the mouse wheel, but it doesn't work well.

The way it works is that you scroll up to zoom in and need to scroll up again to zoom out back to default fov, unlike how intuitively you would scroll down to zoom out.
Same with zoom out, if you do by using the scroll down, you need to scroll down again to zoom back to default fov (but you want to scroll up to zoom in to default).

Additional related problems:

  1. Zooming out and aiming holo sights locks the view fov back to default fov. If I chose to zoom out, I'd prefer to keep the adjusted fov, even if I do other operations.
  2. Unaiming after using a scope often keeps the view zoomed in, where I need to manually use the zoom out key to restore default fov. Often that doesn't even work and I need to double tap the zoom out key. As said above, it would be best if you use the zoom keys to adjust your desired level of zoom / fov, it should be kept or went back to (after aiming scope for instance) no matter what sight you aim.


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Double tap the zoom out key and your fov expands (good for CQB), aim the holo sight and fov zooms in to default and remains when you unaim the holo sight.

When you aim and unaim the scope, probably not always, but often you end up with the max. zoomed in level and need to zoom out manually.

Additional Information

Default zoom in key = PLUS on numpad

Default zoom out key = MINUS on num pad

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