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Zoom and inventory menu
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When I use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out (which doesn't work properly anyway) and go to the inventory menu and want to scroll through the items list, the view also gets zoomed in and out, which almost made me nauseous the first time, because it was unexpected.

Of course, if you have other functions bound to the wheel, you switch them on and off when scrolling


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Assign "zoom in" to scroll wheel up and "zoom out" to scroll wheel down. Go to an ammo/weapon box in the game and open the inventory menu looking at the box. If you have enough content in the box you have a long list and can scroll up and down with the wheel and you zoom around while at that.

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I understand that you can use other keys while in the inventory menu, including the zoom keys, but in case of the scroll wheel, it is something that has an in-menu function and should deactivate other functions due to priority.

I encountered what seems custom inventory menus on some servers which deactivate the controls completely as long as you are in the menu.

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I said:
"When I use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out (which doesn't work properly anyway)..."

here the report regarding this issue:

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