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Players getting in the littlebird pilot seat at the same time bug
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I didn't get a chance to record it or anything yesterday but I was waiting for a chopper to spawn with another player standing by me. It spawns and me and him tried to get in the pilot seat at the same time. Whoever failed to get in the pilot seat ends up being glitched sitting crisscrossed under the chopper.

Can anyone else able to reproduce it?


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Wait with player till chopper spawns.
2.) Chopper spawns, both players get to the pilot seat at the same time.
3.) Either end up being in the pilot seat or be glitched sitting down under the chopper.

Additional Information

If anyone is familar with the money glitch in takistan life or chernarus life this is similar but no money involved.

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Duplicate of #5182.