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Allow for limited movement in low and high prone stances
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Please allow the character to move around slowly and make lateral and longitudinal adjustmetns in both the high and low prone stances. Being hard locked onto an exact spot when going into either stance is unrealistic and a major PITA; IRL, one would be able to scoot or wiggle around in order to fine tune their position, which is vital when trying to peek around obstacles. Without an ability to make positional adjustements the usefulness of the low prone is particularly limited, as trying to low prone around an obstacle accurately often requires a time consuming dance between the middle and the low prone stances. Enabling leaning in high prone would also be quite useful and go a fair way towards alleviating this issue for that stance.


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Steps To Reproduce

Part 1

  1. Find a building or wall and go prone near a right-hand corner.
  2. Sidecrawl to the right past the corner and fire at an arbitrary target.
  3. Sidecrawl to the left back into cover.
  4. Now try to low prone back out so that you are able to A) hit your target and B) clear your cover so that the minimum amount of your body is exposed from the target's POV.
  5. Rage as you repeatedly shuffle back and forth between middle and low prone like an idiot.

Part 2

  1. Find an obstacle such as a garbage pile or tree trunk and enter into high prone behind it.
  2. Try to track a moving target (feel free to use your imagination).
  3. Observe that often a slight adjustment to your position left or right would allow you to peak around any small, solid protrusions and make it possible to keep your sights on the target as it moves.
  4. Sadface as you are currently forced to fiddle between stances in order to accomplish step 3.

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