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view range of A.I. in rain, in dark!
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My problem: I played in multiplayer, i was in an armored car as gunner. I used thermal mode at Grid 032066 and i shoot to the enemy (infantry) AI what was at 031062. (these number for to calculate distance) the sun was below the horizont.
I used maximum of the zoom, while the rain began to fall, ok the thermal mode failed (i tried all other modes but i cant see nothing), but the AI still shoot at me...
Ok i tried to change my position while the bullet impacts are fallow me, so the AI still can see me, what is a little bit unrealistic...


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You need distance, rain, at after sunset, angry enemy, thermal scope.

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Unable to reproduce in latest dev build. Since AI vision at night has recently been tweaked and this ticket has not seen any activity for a long time, I assume the issue has been fixed.

However, if it is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket and ask for this one to be re-opened.