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Helicopter Movement Orders
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hop in a car driven by one of your AI mates, you are able to give him directions using WASD (+QE) keys.

Adding this to Helicopter (and perhaps all other vehicles) would be great. Of course including ascending and descending.


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Please do not give us another game in which we can not tell the AI to land, and or to get out. Just telling the AI to disembark is not enough, because he will fly away, and land nowhere near you. We want the option to tell an AI to land exactly where we want, perhaps by popping green, or red smoke, depending on hostilities around. If it's red smoke he'll land quicker, green smoke he can take his sweet time. But either way we would appreciate a means of telling the pilot to land where we want them to, and to stay in the helicopter.

ABSOLUTELY, harold. I get so annoyed when they take off after letting you disembark, it's almost as if they're trolling.