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In-Game Item/feature Request - Military Issue Camouflage Face Paint
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I believe this item and feature is very much needed to make this the most realistic military game ever!

In-game item: Military issue camouflage face paint.

Along with the ability to custom paint your character's face and wipe off/repaint any time in-game, also being able to save your custom camo designs.

Real camo paint:

Navy Seal trainee painting his face:


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Custom faces already allow the player to give himself any kind of possible facepaint (Even though were still missing presets that include the bodies, so far those end up blue).

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camo facepaint kit

  • using until it's consumed
  • lost painting after a long time heavy rainfall or swim/dive

Yes with custom faces it could be realized and it would always bypass a tool like in my mind.

not so complex. just few facepaints is enough.

You guys are talking about carrying virtual make-up around?

I'm OK if it's more difficult to be spoted by AI too.

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