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Improve camo net helmet, add AI concealment.
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I'm sure many have tried out different addons that let's you access the helmet with a camo net with grass in it. Currently, the quality of the net is simply atrocious. Yes, I know it's an Alpha. What I would like to suggest is one visual thing, and one scripting thing.

Visual: Scrap the current "vehicle" net on it. Instead, use a finer mesh, more old school helmet net, i.e. one that is just a net, not designed to break up the contours of vehicles and such. Put more grass in it, make it look better, cover most of the helmet. This will make it look more like a properly camouflaged helmet.

Scripting: Make it somewhat harder for the AI to detect you if you wear this helmet. IRL it would be harder to spot someone who wears a properly camouflaged helmet than someone who isn't, since the contours wouldn't be visible on the first helmet.

Maybe add some other small things, like a vest with some grass stuck on to the shoulders, etc., anything to camouflage a bit more and break up the contour.


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no, the old style net would look shitty, this isn't ww2.

the new helmet net just isn't finished. it lacks shading, that's why it glows in the dark.

it just needs more detailed normal map.

also, don't put more grass on it, it would look retarded, like some kind of art project.

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Ugh, I see why you were banned on the forums.

First off, it's not about the net glowing, it's about the fact that it's not something used for proper concealment as in breaking up the contour and camouflaging. Second, it is simply much bigger than those vehicle nets are IRL. IRL there'd be at least 1-2 dozen "parts" sticking out along the larger portions of the helmet, not the 6-8 that we can currently see.

Third, the "old net" isn't WW2, it's been used for decades since, and would helmets again be issued without helmet covers like in Arma 3, it would come back for the purpose of attaching camouflage to the helmet.

Fourth, put more grass in it, much more. The soldier who decided to walk around with just a little grass concealing the shape of his helmet is the retard, not the one who ensures his helmet is properly camouflaged. Pictures with considerably more grass on have been published by the devs. Do you really think that less than half a dozen small patches of grass in a helmet net is enough to camouflage it? No, it's so little it would be hard to see the grass, not the helmet from a distance.

Fifth, the vehicle scrim net only makes sense in a desert, which is why it's pretty much only where it's used, because you can't put sand in a helmet net. However, outside of a desert, it makes no sense. If you move from one area to another, having a scrim net that you can't change the shape or colour of would not help you conceal yourself, and as such you'd be using a "clean" net, that you can remove and add foliage from as you are moved to a new area where the foliage looks different.

FYI: Marine infantry don't wear flightsuits, that's how much your knowledge on these matters seem to stretch.

marine infantry did wear nomex flight suits during the iraq war. the fact that you didn't know this speaks volumes about your knowledge in general. maybe you were born in the oughts, and the iraq war was ancient history by the time you reached 3rd grade.

and scrim is the standard helmet camouflage in modern times. the net has not seen activity in most nato countries since the 80s.

also, you're a moron.

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Yes, some wore them for less than 3 years in Iraq. "In the future, marines still wear flight suits".

And no, no, no, no. Scrim is not the standard helmet camouflage since the '80s. Helmet covers are. Before helmet covers, we had nets, and if covers would stop being standard issue again, soldiers would be using nets.

Here's a tip: When you know embarrassingly little about something, don't call someone who knows much about it a moron. That's probably one of the reasons you got banned over on the Bistudio forums.

what do you think those little holes on the helmet covers are for? or those elastic bands? those have effectively replaced the need for helmet nets.

scrim and its variants are durable, versatile and adaptable. superior to nets in every way. that's why it's used and nets aren't. this isn't just a pro or con argument, it's an observation of reality. the us military has completely replaced nets with scrim. so have many western nations. the nato force in arma 3 is undoubedtly based primarily on the us military.

if you can't see how retarded it is to ask for the scrim's removal and replacement by helmet nets, then you are an idiot. i'm sorry, but if i don't tell you the truth now, you will never smarten up and learn to use your brain.

Are you honestly telling me that the holes made all over the cover are there for a scrim net to be pulled through? Exactly how would that work?

Versatile, adaptable? Exactly how does that apply to a one coloured scrim, the shape and colour of which you can't change. But no really, keep this up. People are pretty much so tired of you everywhere here that they'll probably start up voting this just because you're against it.

P.S. The holes in helmet covers and the elastic band are where you put foliage. That's how it's been since before scrim was manufactured. Why do you think the British made those elastic straps all along their helmet covers? Good luck pulling a scrim net through all those and all the holes in an American cover.

aaaaallright... :)

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