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Continous explosion in base, can't respawn
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Yesterday did a COOP, someone shot an AT in base to an heli and it cause all the other helin (2 little and a big one) and 3 jeeps to take fire and then continuosly explode killing all players in base and make for them an impossible respawn.

The base was one on the top of an hill in south east part of map. (sorry, didn't though to take not of exact place)


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Throw an AT to an heli and make it explode or fire an heli in base with a jeep. Wait to see all the things start blowing up in a contious chain.

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We can't help you without name of that mission. Anyway, I guess it is not our mission but some user made mission. We can't fix design issues of user made missions, that is on author of that mission.

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Sorry, but these are the first time I play Arms, but even some veteran friends were impressed. Is there a way to know which kind of mission it was?
I remember just that the server was something like "[FR] fight clan"

No problem. In multiplayer server list (when you click on multiplayer in main menu) is list of MP servers with some paramaters. You can find there host (there was probably that "[FR] fight clan"), type of game (for example COOP) and name of mission. We need to know the name of that mission. We are not able to help you without this name.

Anyway, We don't have in any of our COOP missions helicopter AH-9. If it was present in that mission, then it is user made mission and we can't fix it because we are not author of that mission.

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The author of said mission probably placed the vehicles close to each other. Upon destruction the burning wrecks do damage over time and damage nearby intact vehicles, which will eventually get destroyed as well. If the mission maker also used a 3rd party vehicle respawn script, the newly created (respawned) vehicles will take damage and explode, thus creating a never ending chain of explosions.

I think I encountered this in the user made mission "Ground Seize", possibly version 1.2. But it could happen in any mission where the vehicles are placed close to each other.

It is not a BIS issue.

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Thanks for your fast and clear response.
Anyway here are the data of the server:
Name:[FR] FIGHT CLAN - No Addons & No Dev Build
Type: CoOp
Mission: [FIGHT_VF] Seizeground_public [revive]

Probably is like you said that the author put things too close to each other.
Thanks for your attention and sorry to for the no-use-at-all issue.
Will learn something more before posting other issue I see.

Best regards

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This might have been a hacker. They do stuff like that all the time. The anti-hack system is not in the game yet.

Yes, this isn't our mission and it must be fixed by the author. Anyway, thanks for feedback and have fun :) Closing.