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AI lags behind when travelling across cluttered terrain
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When moving over open ground, AI will tend to stay in formation and keep up. When moving through a forest or rocky terrain, they will move in a more erratic manner as if trying to move from cover to cover or moving tactically even while in the "Aware" state.

In many cases, this is completely unnecessary and what you really want is for the AI to keep up with you as you're moving.
Other times, they'll be stuck in the "danger" mode (triggered by actual danger). This can also be quite counter-productive as the AI becomes way way less mobile. Say you want to fall back, the best way would often be to make a run for it, but the AI tries to be too tactical often leading to their death. This manifests itself best when telling groups to do something, as they will attempt to move as a group when they'd best move as individuals.

Therefore, I think it would be very useful if there was a "travelling" mode or "forced march" mode in which the AI's primary concern is to keep up with you and in formation. Another needed function would be for an AI to drop all other concerns and simply do an ordered task as fast as possible, such as sprinting to a position, retreating from the enemy and so forth.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Inability to keep up
  • Create a squad.
  • Move in a straight line through a forest or rocky field

AI should be lagging far behind.

  • Inability to escape danger
  • Tell AI to enter the "Danger" state (simulating when they are locked in this state)
  • Executing any movement orders will be extremely slow as they are more concerned with taking cover and looking for targets.

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