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Hackers / griefers making gameplay impossible [cant assess Alpha anyfurther]
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Cant remember that last multiplayer game I completed without some pain in the ass hacker / griefer ruining the game completely. It has stopped me playing Alpha for the moment... thinks "what will I play?? Arma 3?.. nah too many hackers, too much hassle.... BF3 it is then ??.."

Is there any way that the security can be turned on? I know that lots of people hate Battleye, but the situation at the moment without any anti-cheat or security is just impossible.


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join multiplayer

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alpha is supposed to demonstrate and to collect bugs easily, to make the game in the final stage better.
battleeye could be activated with no effort, but do we need it to fix bugs? no.
so you can play your bf or cod, but please stop spamming the bug tracker with your shit. think before posting

This has been reported numerous times, but until the anti-cheat is implemented, no one can do anything about it.