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Mines react through walls
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Mines will react through walls (including detonating, bringing up the mine warning, bringing up the disarm context menu, and even allowing themselves to be disarmed).
To be clear, the explosive force/shrapnel does not penetrate the wall, so all's well in that regard (in as far as shrapnel not penetrating walls is fine. not sure if it is or isn't meant to from a <1ft detonation distance) The problem is that the mine will react/report through a wall, essentially rendering a booby trap useless.


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start editor
place explosives expert (near an area with enter-able buildings)
set a mine inside a building near a wall (preferably with more than one entrance/exit. personally I used the bounding APERS)
exit and walk around the building
when you reach the area of the mine, observe that it can be interacted with (or may possibly detonate) through the wall

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