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BIS Official Forum is a hostile place and has rude moderators.
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I am not sure if the Czechs are just rude people, but in the rest of the world, we have these things called manners and something called humility.

When one of your paying customers posts a message on your forum and their spelling isn't very good, you should not berate them or insult them. If someone posts in an incorrect part of the forum, you should not talk down to them like they are a naughty child. And if someone criticises your belligerent and rude moderation policy, they should not be permanently IP banned so that they are not even able to VIEW the forum even while logged out.

Besides the fact that doing this to a paying customer is potentially not even 100% legal, there is also the matter of what is right and just and fair. Whether you have lost sight of this, or never had it to begin with, I don't know. But I am telling you now, your policy on how you treat the public is absolutely disgusting, and I hope that either you will learn how to fix it, or karma will deal you some justice.


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§8) Post in the right forum & right thread.
Please ensure you make new threads in the correct forum, if you're unsure of which forum to post in feel free to ask a moderator.

§18) No public discussion on how the forum is moderated.
If you have questions/complaints/comments about the forum or moderators please Private Message them to a moderator, we will do our utmost to reply to any that we receive.

Cry some more, crybaby.

^ not necessary get off this project

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My issue is not just that the moderators are rude, but also that the majority of users on the forum are very rude and offensive too. The first reply to this thread is a good example of that.

It's sad because often the behaviour of people on a forum is shaped by the behaviour of the moderators. You only need to look at competitors forums to see how it works. Look a Stardock or something, the moderation is silent, and devs post and are friendly and inclusive, and the mood of the entire forum is constructive and friendly. But trolling breeds more trolling, and when the moderators themselves are rude and snooty and seem to revel in their power trips, it's no wonder that the whole place becomes so hostile.

Maxyz added a comment.Mar 18 2013, 6:44 AM

My issue is not just that this report is sounds like a baby cry, but also that the majority of users on the forum, including myself, never encountered with rudeness and offence, especially from moderators. If you did - maybe its you who doing something wrong.

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I agree that the moderators are often shorter than they perhaps absolutely need to be, have made what I consider to be mistakes. That said, you are a GUEST in those forums. You AGREED to the rules when you joined, no matter how draconian or unfair you feel they are:

I do not believe that being a paying customer *entitles* you to *anything* - other than: access to the product you purchased (probably the Alpha, Beta and Full versions of Arma3), and the protections as a customer spelled out in the Steam and BI Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you made your purchase.

I suggest you suck it up this time. Accept that the BIStudio forums work differently to the forums you're used to. Re-read the rules. Decide whether access to the forums is worth abiding by them. Then - if you still want to be involved in the forums - PM a moderator and: apologise for any misunderstandings, politely explain that you have re-considered and are willing to follow the rules, and ask if your account would be unbanned.

Please only report game bugs and request features here. If you have a problem with the BI forum moderators, you'll need to contact Placebo.