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Cannot in game edit after you out of game edit
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When you create a mission file in game and use the in editor you cannot edit the descriptions.ext file to make players respawn. (or can you if you can someone correct me pls) You have to go out of game and extract the mission pbo and manually create the file then compress it again then play it. But if you want to change something like add more vehicles or something you cannot use the editor to change it?? (I may be doing something wrong in that case someone just correct me please and tell me how to properly do it.


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If you create your descriptions.ext file in the appropriate mission folder under your My Documents directory, then whenever you export the mission it will automatically pack the file(s) into the PBO.

I dont see why you would be exporting it unless it is complete, or you wanted to upload to armaholics etc?

This isnt a bug nor a helpdesk... you should really be asking for help in the forums :)

Not a bug.

Save your mission as a "user mission" so that the folder appears in your profile (Documents directory). You can put the description.ext and other files in there.