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Require player to enter vehicle at proper place
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I love the new animations for entering the helos, but I notice that a player can enter the helo from the wrong side which negates the animation - as the player is magically transported to the correct side and then enters.

I would suggest requiring a player to enter on the correct side for the option "get in as driver" or "get in as pilot" to appear. The player could still get in as a passenger, then switch to the drivers seat - more realistic without limiting players ability to enter a vehicle.

Also, if a helo can be flown from either side, then way not make it that way in game? Then it wouldn't matter what side the player entered from to be pilot.


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what chopper do u mean? u always had to enter vehicles from the proper direction in arma series

  1. load heli showcase
  2. stand near the tail section
  3. select "get in as driver"

It would be nice to at least have a running animation over to the driver side door before showing the animation to get in. Also, there is snapping even if you are already at the door, so maybe some kind of transitionary animation to get the player in position could be used.

well plus you can go to the co-pilot side and select get in as pilot in which case you are automatically zipped to the other side. The little bird is what I was referring to.

@kidmosey: no running-animation to the side - it would be a pain in the... when selected by mistake.

Just the options when near the appropriate side should do it.

@Devs: Look at GTA and FC3

Same with the Ghosthawk, you can enter the right gun turret from the left side of the helicopter, trigger the "get in" action at the left side, the right door slides back and *zap* you're on the right side.

Raoul, offtopic/wrong ticket, and what you ask for is implemented already.