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PUSHING/Physical Interaction with objects and vehicles , for example for , unbeaching boats , creating better shooting cover
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Have a look at this :

I propose to implement the physical interaction with objects and vehicles , with their weight in mind of course , to for example , unbeach stranded boats or creating better cover for shooting. It would also enable many other possibilities

Have a look at this thread for further details :


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Agreed, having a brand new physic engine means interaction with it at the player level, is a must have. Modders will make use of it anyway for SWAT battering rams and various melee mods, plus it's useful in vanilla to right flipped vehicles and push zodiacs into water.

So why not make modders life easier with implementing some physical correctness in player physical interactions and some mo'caped push/pull/fall animations ?

If I remember correctly, some very old game (Half Life ?) had already basic push/pull commands and primary focus wasn't on authenticity.


Would love to be able to do that, maybe via some key to press so you don't always push stuffs around if you don't want to.. ?

+1 for the breached boats

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gonza added a comment.Jun 18 2013, 8:51 PM

+1 it's needed
a coop missions can be loose just because the boat is blocked on the beach !

Some addaction to grab something and pull it around would be awesome.