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Helicopter (little bird) interaction with water
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If a little bird touches the water with the tips of the slides it is instantly stopped by the water and heli can't even keep flying and just goes down.
Instead, the tip of the slides should cut the water (and have a water effect), unless they go too deep in, than the force of water should affect the aircraft, which should depend on the speed of the helicopter of course.


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This is the best described issue related to what I wanted to say. If i did not find this issue I would have created a new one.

Anyways I agree with this, upvoted++

Please see my video here to clearly show the effects of Helicopters and water.

Here is the description for that video:

Just recording this for BIS (Bohemia Interactive Studios) so they can see the problem regarding the titled issue and fix it for the future release =)

Observe in the video:

  1. The legs of the Helicopter just barely touching the water will start to destroy it, sometimes killing the units inside it.
  1. Continuous exposure to water (again barely touch the water) will destroy both rotors
  1. Upon the Helicopter being destroyed completely in flight, it will fly and the trajectory of speed + gravity will pull it under water. There is no problem with that except once under water it shoots down to the sea bed, with no resistance whatsoever. It does not even float to the bottom of the sea.

What really should happen when the legs of the helicopter just barely touches the sea is... nothing.

Nothing should even happem if the bottom base of the Helicopters body touches the water.

Something should happen if the water is at the level where the passenger sits as it would mess up with the electronics.

Nothing should happen if the main rotor touches the water without the body touching it. Unless maybe a little resistance and a lot of water spray.

I dont know how the tail rotor works, but im guessing that it is electronics, so maybe the tail rotor exposure to the water should affect it in some way, not destroy it.

A helo rotor hitting the water would be catastrophic, the blades would be moving different speeds and would destroy the engine.

Up to the floor of the helo would be fine in the water, but it shouldn't damage the vehicle, it should slow it down though.

now its pretty messed up in the new update, kinda more than you wanted. because the chopper now can slide though the water with it's entire model and not just the heels. also it now gets damage if the heels are only touching the water.


Yes I showed that in the video that I posted above. Here is the link again to clearly see what is happening.

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Hm, i agree that the Helo shouldnt instantly break upon touching water, but just at low speeds.

Speeding into the water would probably result in the helo doing a frontflip followed by his blades hitting the water and so on.

This has been changed.