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Reveal Target is bound to spacebar, not in game, any keybind change removes feature
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if you press spacebar over a object, it identifies it to some regard. I believe this is the keybind Reveal Target... Changing reveal target to any key, breaks this feature from working


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Spot an enemy and press space over it... it will show red, and range etc.... THne go into controls and try to rebind this to anything else.. the function totally stops working..

I don't like the spacebar as default as if you notice it triggers a menu action popup that needs to be closed... Rebinding it, breaks it's functionality completely

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I think i meant to say in top report. that reveal target is bound action button, and not to reveal target, and you can not change this off action button... Its not a good solution for this feature because it causes constant weapon changing (double click) because of the menu it opens when clicking

Yeah, I can confirm;
I like to add the function to many buttons like "Primary Mouse", so when I shoot, and kill an enemy, it says "Scratch one!" or when I use my scope, it says "Enemy spotted...." and so on.

But it doesnt work at all anymore.

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