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Cars dont roll over
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No matter how ı try to roll over the car ı couldnt to succeed. There is too mach brake noise and there is no horn.


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Don't know about the break noise but I agree, rolling over a vehicle is nearly impossible, it almost always gets back on all 4 wheels.
A vehicle can flip over if another vehicle bumped into it hard enough to cause a flip and even that is not certain.

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Yeah, this needs some tweaking.

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This may have been done intentionally, as ArmA2 had tanks and other vehicles doing triple salto's in the air when driving over a small pebble on the ground. Rather have no flipping vehicles then how it was in A2 :>

Yep probability of "roll over" needs tweaking
Yes there is no horn
Yes there is far-too-much "skreetching" noise from tires

this issue is to help resolve car roll only, the car screech sound has been addressed on another log.

never tried rolling a vehicle so would'nt really know myself, but agree this needs addressing, as this is a war simulator, all vehicles should really act as true life physics.

Duplicate of #0000799.

Also, only post one bug report per ticket.