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Game Crash/Freeze regardless of video settings
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Every single game play session my game will skip a step or two then freeze. Window error that game has stopped working will appear outside the client.

I have changed all my settings, turning everything off, on, and mixture of various settings without effect.

I play mostly on a coop Domination server.

I have pretty good hardware and can play all modern games at High settings.

Sometimes I can play for 30 minutes before it happens, other times it will happen within 5 minutes.

I have attached DXDiag. If there is a dump I do not know where it is, but if someone will let me know i can attach that also. {F18152} {F18153}


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I figured out how where the logs are. One of the logs I cannot attach as it is 9mb, larger than the site allows.

I am going to delete all the mission from the various servers in case there are conflicts. I uploaded three additional files.

Can you try reproduce this issue, when you play Escape from Stratis or Headhunters? Thank you

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.