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Removing Ammo Counter
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Having an ammo counter in the top right corner of the screen is quite nice... too nice!

irl and in ace mod, you don't have a counter you just get an indicator about the magazines weight.

you could replace the ammo counter with a 3 or 4 divided bar indicating the approximate amount of bullets left...

or to go one step ahead, do it like it's done in the ace mod, indicate the weight while reloading... nothing more


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That is a good idea but it should be an optional thing under the difficulty settings. Just like hard difficulty removes crosshairs, the ammo counter should change to an approximation of magazine weight.

As sgtkillsington says. IF you want realism, fine, then we are also going to take away 3rd person, crosshairs, auto reporting of enemy positions, and so forth.

This is not something that should be demanded, but option. To expect them to turn this into a pure realism sim, and not a game (which it is a mil sim game, not VBS2).

an option for this would be great.

3rd person might not be realistic but there is a huge different between real life (having 2 eyes) and the arma first person view..
the fov is just to small on a normal computer monitor compared to real life conditions. the 3rd person view counters that part

+1 to sgtkillsington's Post.

Yes, but NOT under "Difficulty", since it is forced Serverside...

how about a NEW option under difficulty, like "Client OFF", for some options which allows you to either use the Server options, or your own liking.

That way, those of us who like to play like that dont have to "find a Server which fits", because one Server will have 3rd Person off, but Crosshairs on, another will have Cross off, but 3rd Person on, etc.

So another Difficulty Setting would be nice, for such HUD things and so on.

+1 Kocrachon

@Helperman, the options cannot be strictly client side. If I have a server, and I do not want anybody using third person, I want to make sure that no client side settings will allow someone to go third person. What would be the point on having a realism server when everyone could just disable those settings?

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