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Laser technology is already getting to the point where civilians can set objects on fire with lasers they can buy in the civilian market. Not unrealistic to imagine that such a laser weapon would be available in 2030+. Could be used to set enemy troops, fuel cannisters, and explosives on fire.


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I think the military actually use lasers to detonate and blow up bombs from far away, but actaully setting fire to people, now I don't know, but I think the Geneva Convention has some rules about that :D

I believe napalm and fire based weapons were banned due to them being far too susceptible to cause harm to civies.

Though I imagine being set on fire can be 1 of the most horrible ways to go

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Yeah that and choking actually. Heard that not being able to inhale air is the most painful way to die.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed, there will be no laser weapons in near future.