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Smoke Speed Not Affected by Rotorwash
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While I have seen in video that smoke VECTOR is affected by rotorwash, I noticed that smoke SPEED was not. Smoke should move away from the helicopter at a faster speed.


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Throw a smoke grenade near a landing helicopter.

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Smoke speed is definitely influenced by downwash and has been since the initial Alpha release. Whether it's influenced enough is another matter, as the helicopter has to be very close to the smoke before it is pushed away at any speed. But it's not too bad.

The smoke doesn't dissipate enough from downwash in my opinion, being blown away and leaving neat 'arcs' in the distance, but I'll make a separate ticket for it.

Smoke speed is affected by downwash - closing.

Mustang-242: Force which is used on particle is a compromise. Effects seem strange and broken with bigger force (smoke in the game is not created by milions of particles like in real life), we are not able to solve this problem right now.