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Suggestion: Ambiente sound of animals and wind/weather
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Well i have seen other general topics about sound. I know this is an alpha but this is just something thats bugging me at the moment.

For example.. I see often some bugs flying arround but i hardly hear any summing. In general there are many posibilities of ambiente sounds of animals that could be put in.

+summing of different kind of insects. Bees, flys, moscitos, dragonflies and of course harvest flies! . With some background research it could be done acordingly to time of year, time of day, weather situation. For example i would expect to hear high summing of moscitos mostly in the evening hours or morning hours or at night. It could be more likely to meet moscitos near water. Other insects like dragonflies i would also expect to meet close to some lakes or rivers but instead during the day. Bees are something i probably wont see in seasons like autumn or winter..(i realy dont know what there is to find in greek)
+different kind of birds of the region (depending on time of day)
+frogs near lakes depending on the season

I think animal live is something very important as this makes the island realy alive! At the moment i still find it rather dead. Just imaging going quietly through the woods and hearing birds, and insects summing around you. And not hearing always the same sounds. Instead you hear it depending what time of day,year or where you lokation is. And the sound of biger animals like birds should stop when you start shooting depending on the noise thats done. It should be directional sound!. It could be even that animals becoming quiet when you run full speed to the woods.
Well im not expecting to have a very realistic animal ambiente but somthing alonge those lines would realy help.

Wind is something that you can adjust in the settings. I havent checked it very deeply but here applies similar ideas. If you have strong winds, you can hear that wind because your jackets breaks the wind. The wind changes direction it gets louder at times and quiets down the others.
Near big trees you can hear the hundreds leaves. This can be very loud at times! Also i do see gras and trees wobeling arround quite alot there is no real audio reflecting this at the moment.

Well rain is another thing but there is already antoher topic to rain in general. I just hope i could give some ideas of what ambiente sound could be like.


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I know this is an alpha but as i dont know whats going to happen until final i wanted to give a better idea of what ambiente sound should be about, as most topics i have seen were not very clear what they expect, or very general about sounds.

There is a good example on this with Skyrim that has a wonderful wildlife and sounds to complement it.

some example , not of very good quality, some cicades singing

you could find more..

I know cicads singing can become anyoing and is very very loud. Well for the game it shouldnt go on and on.. it should stop from time to time and beeing
leveld so that it mostly gives you the impression of a nice dry and hot summerday:D in greece

Some very nice bird sounds of the peloponnese

as many gamers use headsets with "3d" sound simulating sound directional would be nice

Some rain sound

i just was in game and checked if i maby missed some of the sounds. I noticed if i turn up my volume alot...alot! Dont shoot!, i actually hear wind and some frogs or so.. but this isnt at all on a usefull level at the moment ..far to quiet.

Or is it maby a problem with me having an onboard sound? Maby someone can confirm my last observation.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Something i also noticed on the subject is that cicades sing all around the year no matter the season which is false, they should be singing only in summer as in reality. Also i think that they stop singing at night in arma 3 (correct me if i am wrong) , which is also false as they tend to sing at night and sometimes so loud that they keep you up.