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incapacitated players can perform actions while waiting for a revive.
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dead players waiting for a teammate to revive or drag them can perform actions such as placing and detonating explosives, give first aid to players, and even get in and operate vehicles. Additionally players can drag other players under water. {F18135} {F18136}


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Additionally, I was injured next to another downed soldier and was able to drag him. My character model continuously rolled around and I was unable to release him while still downed, even though the 'release' option was available. We were both eventually revived, however, I was still dragging this soldier and unable to release him. Visually, it looked like I was 'carrying' him around, and had no speed impairments (ie. I was able to sprint, prone). The soldier was unable to move but could perform actions like vault or discharge his weapons, but again, had no movement capabilities. To quick fix the problem we tried a few things. First, I got into a helicopter, thinking the game would split us. I was still given an option to 'release' the soldier and it did not work. Also, he was stuck to the outside of the helicopter. Next, we brought in some other soldiers to shoot us, only to discover that the soldier I was carrying was invulnerable. The problem was fixed once I was killed. The soldier was free to move, and I no longer had the option to 'release.'


I hope you understand that the REVIVE SYSTEM you're referring to is NOT part of ARMA3 Game. It is a custom Script created by one of the community members that uses Game's Animations to Simulate Death and Revive Actions.


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I agree with you. People should understand the concept of custom scripts and mods.

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also agree
this is a userscript and has nothing to do with arma 3

Agreed and downvoted.

User made content (in this case script) related issues can't be fixed by arma 3, but from theire own developers

Wow, seven downvotes and no upvotes. I think I've never seen an issue like this.

We are very sorry, we do not guarantee that user generated content such as mods, scripts, maps etc. will work all time during development of the game. It is up to users themselves to make sure their work is 100% compatible with current version of the game.

We thank you for reporting this issue, but try contacting author of this content to fix it.