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TRG-21 EGLM's grenade launcher optic cannot be seen/goes off screen when zoomed in and zeroed at 400m.
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Cannot see the red dot optic when zoomed in at 400m range for the TRG-21 EGLM rifle. {F18113} {F18114}


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Spawn player > Equip TRG-21 EGLM > Switch to EGLM > Zero to 400m > Use optics(RMB)

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I am playing on 1920x1080 if this helps.

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Yep, making the EGLM pretty much useless if you try to hit sth at this distance.

Edit: Uploaded screenshots.

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oh yea, you need to zoom in to see up to 400 meters, but it zooms you of the screen :P

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players view seems to be set to a position in front of the guns muzzle instead of actually looking down the GL sights. See my video in this Issue