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Some building positions are mid-air
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If I spawn e.g. an ammo cache on those building positions, it will fall down (unless I disable physics simulation) and break right away and AI or players will probably be hurt. {F18110}


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Spawn something in the buildings on top floor as indicated in the pictures attached.

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There are many more buildings with building positions in mid-air as far I can tell from my Insurgency mission.

In Insurgency there spawn 9 caches (ammoboxes) in random buildings all over Stratis, and I had to disable physics simulation (enableSimulation false) on all of them, else some or even all of them might as well blow up just on start of the mission.

That's becose of technology for AIs, I'll check what we can do with it.

There are the same problem in Altis, some roof's position in the big white building are in mid-air.