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Automatic Recoil Reaction
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I think it would be a good idea if there was some level of automated reaction to recoil. For instance if you empty a mag on full auto without compensating at the moment, your still aiming at the sky when you stop firing.

Obviously recoil is an important aspect for realism but in real life you don't simply 'aim down' as you fire, you react to the recoil in an effort to balance out the effect it has on where you're aiming. It's more about leaning into it and mitigating movement of the weapon.

After firing there could be some 'return to elevation' not super precise but say for example fire a three round burst and if there is no mouse input returning naturally to within a preset amount of degrees(hor & ver) of your original aim.

I feel mouse compensation is far too unnatural and uncontrollable.

I await the flaming from those thinking I love a bit of COD(not the fish)


Don't get me started on Bipods(So needed at least in some form)


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go full auto
hold LMB and do not move mouse
Notice you left the clouds on ultra

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oh and before the 'SEARCH THE BOARD' fest begins, This is a suggestion of a solution that I didn't find. But apologies if this is too far out of etiquette

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there is a similar one, but not exactly referred for full auto only.

it's this way for balancing and gameplay reasons. i kid you not.

there is no way to replicate the compensation, so players must aim lower when experiencing recoil

actually there is. it was in arma 2. dayz transplant detected