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Game crashing/lockup whilst joining or during multiplayer games (wasteland)
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Game or loading screen locks up whilst playing/waiting to join multiplayer wasteland games. No pattern, if I'm in the game it'll lock up at any point. Symptoms are screen locks up and holds last presented image (game or loading screen). Ctrl-Alt-Delete, start task manager and then I see an Arma 3 has stopped responding message waiting for me.

Game was initially fine, stability has got worse over the last few days. No sign of the issue during single player, although once the showcase missions were completed I've not gone back (loving multiplayer too much). Have tried the team v team deathmatch multiplayer once very early on, no crashes occurred but then found wasteland and have not looked back.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

1 - Start game via Steam (no additional launch options made to steam for Arma3 alpha)
2 - Select 'Play'
3 - Select 'Multiplayer'
4 - Filter set to 'wasteland'
5 - Sort by ping
6 - Select low ping server ~ sub 50ms
7 - Wait for mission to load
8 - Select a side (usually either Blue or Green)

  • Game either crashes/locks up at loading screen
  • Game either crashes/locks up during game

Symptom of crash/lock up is no updates to screen, alt-tab no longer functions. Ctrl-Alt-Delete then select 'Start Task Manager', this then displays the following error message displayed on the desktop.

"Alpha Arma3 has stopped responding"

Additional Information

Have tried reinstalling the game to fix the issue as I suspected remnants from a developer build might be causing the issue, this made no difference. I did not however try removing/renaming the contents of /appdata/local/Arma 3 Alpha.

Have attached a copy of my dxdiag + 3 crash reports.


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Changed to developers version of the alpha, alot more stable but still a crash when looting a quadbike. Additional rar file with crash report and minidump added (Arma 3 Alpha.rar).

Issue reported above becoming as bad in developer build as standard build, additional rar file with dumps added. (Arma 3 Alpha-devdumps160313pm.rar)

Please also see defect # 5112, issue now occuring frequently using both standard and developer builds. (

Are you able to reproduce this crash on official MP missions? Are you encountering any crashes in SP?

No issues found during 30 minute run of MP mission -Escape from Stratis, will try single player and update this defect.

No issues found during 30 minute run of SP helicopter showcase. Attempted to log in to Wasteland MP game and hit instant lockup/crash at loading screen (stratis map). Looks like issue is related to Wasteland rather than core Arma3 alpha.

This has been resolved by removing Nvidia's Geforce Experience Beta software. I've been told that other overlays such as MSI Afterburner, FRAPS etc can cause the issue I've been hitting. Hope this info helps. Credit/thanks to BaDBoY_uK on the OCUK forums for the tip.

Hi Goat, I see you've removed your request for info,the forum I got the info from was

I've sent a message to the guy who suggested removing the overlays asking if he discovered this himself or where he saw this solution.


goat added a comment.Mar 21 2013, 7:59 PM

Thanks for the info. I did remove my request as I found the info via google, but thanks for your assistance anyway.

Seems the issue was resolved by uninstalling Nvidia's Geforce Experience Beta software.


If you can still reproduce the issue, please create a ticket asking for this one to be re-opened.