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Separate the Civilian options
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Basically for village sites separate the civs&vehicles like it was in Arma 2 with a module spawning the civs while another one controlled the vehicles.
Right now the vehicles clog up the streets in weird positions making a hell if an enemy force which also has vehicles is attacking a town.Besides sometimes I just want to populate the towns without vehicles at all.


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The "Farm" Module doesn't have vehicles. It's just like the difference between "Base" and "OP" in the BluFor/OpFor modules.

So you can do civis only then drop some scattered vehicles manually.

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The problem with Farm Module is that it spawns only 2-3 npcs even with a radius of 500m in Agia Marina while the Village module simulates a small town better with plenty more npcs around.
Having them separated should allow us more control over npc&vehicles spawning.Besides let's face it the vehicles will always spawn in weird positions with this module.

Another benefit is that in the future if mods will add more civvie vehicles we could avoid situations like it was in A2.
The Vehicle module in A2 spawned every car under civ class so you had scenarios where a village had 3-4 firetrucks.:D

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