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AI running over others
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Old problem but still rears it's head in A3.Makes combined ops a nightmare.
AI vehicles when grouped to infantry will run over friendlies.Either infantry runs in front of the vehicle either the vehicle will simply run over someone in front.
Just like in A2 they do try to avoid infantry but very often they get into "don't care" mood and just run over whoever is in front.


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Group a few infantry squads with some vehicles and put some Move waypoints in towns or countryside.

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Because this wasn't fixed since Ofp era and I doubt it will get fixed in full version at least make a workaround that friendly infantry shouldn't get damaged when run over by friendly forces(this should be only for friendly vehicles,not opfor ones).Realistically??Hell no but it's much better than brain dead AI drivers that can't simply stop when friendlies are in front.

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Duplicate of #0002919.