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Disembodied window?
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Found a window hovering in mid air. Not sure what caused this! I believe I was shooting at the 2nd story window right before this. {F18058}


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Will work to reproduce this.

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Just wondering if anyone has seen this before. If it's already reported feel free to remove this thread. Sorry, it's late for me and I only searched for a short while.

Either way it's an odd little bug that I thought someone should see :)

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Issued often. Tried the search?

Also please set some tags in this issue to make searching possible.

Yup tried the search but it returned all sorts of odd things.....and it was 4am and I was foggy.

I'll keep the tags in mind, didn't know that.

  1. Windows have recieved major changes in recent patches, so this is presumably fixed.
  1. Your ticket provides almost zero info as to where and how the issue occurred, so it is almost impossible to reproduce.

If you experience this issue again, please create a new ticket with repro steps and more info on the location where you experienced the problem.