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Using launcher: going prone still cycles a different weapon
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Ok so, forgive me if this is already reported/requested, I couldn't find it. But basically this has been a thorn in my side for the whole ArmA series. You fire your rocket/ start taking rounds so you need to hit the deck. You hit prone and...are forced to sit and watch in horror as your soldier stops, shoulders the launcher tube, then unslings his battle rifle, THEN starts going prone. Typically, I'm dead half way through this operation. {F18057}


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Get a launcher, get behind a nice big rock. Fire missile at hostile bots...mash prone to try and avoid return fire.

Groan as your character juggles his weapons while hostile rounds dance all around his skull.

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I suggest a simple fix. Ok so we can't use the launchers while prone I get it. But if switching TO prone with a launcher, simply have our trooper go prone while laying the tube on the ground. He's still holding onto the grip but just lays the weapon flat like you would with a rifle. He can still lug it around while prone, maybe more slowly or something, but you should still be able to simply hit the deck. If you're for a large launcher, say a javalin maybe drop it and hit the deck next to it and then place your hand on it as you hit the ground? Just drag it along if you have to move? At this point you could even just leave it there and bug out if you really need to. If you stand up, you get up into position THEN the weapon follows after you as you lift it from the ground.

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Agreed, although I still wish that they would allow firing launchers while prone. IRL you can safely fire any modern launcher that has a "soft" launch (such as the NLAW) from the prone position. Although training is required to ensure that operators prone at an angle, with their legs at a 45 degree angle away from the back of the tube.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Prone shooting position with a heavy launcher:

Notice the position of the body in relation to the launcher.

On a firing range with improvised weapon rest:

Although I'd like to be able to fire when prone at the very least you should be able to "hit the dirt" after you fire the launcher without putting it on your back.Upvoted

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There is an anin in the viewer that shows the soldier with the launcher on prone position. Maybe they will implement that later. I mean the ability to shot and stay prone...why not?

Hope this is included on launch. Just did the combined arms demo and took out the technical with my launcher, then went prone because of course, tracers tap dance on your head whenever you launch a rocket *peers at AI guys*, and I still stowed the launcher before getting out my rifle THEN going prone :)

This is a must. ACE did this already. Those animation cycles are so annoying.

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Author, why you not use TAG?)

Seems fixed now. Next thing -> Prone position shooting ;)

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