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When sighting with pistol, off hand seems out of synch
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When aiming with the pistol, the off/supporting hand seems to go through a bit of animation that is not in step with the main/strong hand. This looks odd and is distracting (to me at least).


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Steps To Reproduce

Load game
Equip pistol
Sight down the irons
Watch left hand wiggle and shake out of time with the main hand.

Additional Information

It makes it look like the off hand isn't touching the weapon at points in the animation cycle. I know it's a minor thing but just wanted to get it on paper. If it's already been reported please forgive me. I spent about an hour combing through the reports and didn't see anything about it.

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Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build. Closing, since this ticket is very old and has not recieved any attention in a long time.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it.