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Helicopter SC crashes on autosave /user save reload (no exception catch on corrupt save file loading failure?)
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Somehow, during the heli SC, the game generated a save file it's unable to load back. This caused a game crash to Win desktop with a meaningful error message. During last playthrough, new tasks were being assigned to PC while mission was already failed (helo was destroyed, pilot alive). {F18052} {F18053} {F18054} {F18055}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce


  1. Run the helo SC on custom regular difficulty (expert settings, nerfed expert AI at 0.8) + show HUD waypoints (not permanently
  2. User save before being diverted to attack vehicles
  3. Took down the 2 jeeps (emptied rocket), 3 footmobiles with MG, theme ordered to drop troups at geodesic-shaped facility
  4. Destroyed the helo while landing, troops and copilot disembarked
  5. Heard "LZ is too hot message" and ordered to take out mortars while helo was crash
  6. Mission failed immediately after as helo was destroyed
  7. Tried to reload from last save

Expected behavior:

  1. Reverting to the last save after mission failure brings me back to the last save (automatic or user) If it reverts to an autosave, this autosave doesn't spawns PC in a crashed heli (I'm reaching out I know :) --> OK.
  2. Restarting the game and continuing the Helo SC produce the same results as 1 --> OK
  3. The game provides a way of selecting which save file one wants to continue from --> OK

Actual behavior:

  1. Reverting to the last autosave crashed from "you are dead" menu crashes the

game with attached error message --> KO

  1. Restarting ArmA 3 and loading autosave still results in a crash --> KO
  2. Can't select another save file --> KO
  3. Restarting ArmA 3 after moving last autosave file elsewhere and loading last usersave results in a crash while loading autosave --> KO
  4. Restarting ArmA 3 after moving last usersave file properly loads first usersave file --> OK
Additional Information
  • Error message text : "Cannot load C:\Users\erwan\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\Saved\a3\missions_f\showcases\showcase_helicopters.stratis"
  • Can provide above file (but size > 35 MB)
  • Attached userprofile
  • Running with razor game booster

I5 2500k
Sapphire Radeon 7870 2GB with boost
8GB RAM, 2GB Swap on SSD
OCZ Vertex 4 SSD
Win 7 x64 professional US, system protection off

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autosave and save2 files rar'd an uploaded

Please provide also files from C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\

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Same thing happened to me today with infantry showcase. Files uploaded. Had a user savegame already, then suspended, creating continue save. Crash will always occur when loading that continue save. Current development build.

AppData up'd.

Fix should be in next stable release. Also should be already in the dev version.

Mass close.