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Arma 3 Crashing constantly
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Arma 3 the first few days played and performed great, all of a sudden I got a 20 meg patch and then the sea gull and cheating hit hard on one day and now my arma 3 crashes so often I cant even play, I get in a game maybe long enough to loot a gun or two and bam the game locks up and windows says the program has crashed and asks me to find a solution online or close it, which I do. This happens ranges from start up of the game immediately , to joining games very often wont let me load after I choose a class, and if it does I make it no more then 5-10 min max before the game crashes closed again. This is alpha I understand but this is a major issue, I have not been able to play for almost 4 days now due to this issue. Took me 30 min yesterday to finally get into ONE game only to crash out 10 min later after gathering gear.


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happens every-time I run Arma 3 within 10 min , normally within the first 3 min.

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Please fill up the report and provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner

When reporting crash in MP ,
please state TYPE and NAME of the MISSION/MOD you are playing, how many players were playing at the time etc. Try to provide as much info as possible.
If the crash is happening when playing custom MAP/MOD,try to reproduce the crash also on our official Arma III missions.

Take in mind that DEV and STABLE builds are not compatible so maybe thats why you are not able to connect to most games.

The crash is happening on every-server I enter since the 20 meg patch and the hacking issue last week.
I only play wasteland so its only happening so far on there because I haven't played Coop or DM or any of the other modes because I enjoy wasteland.

Also its happening on custom and normal server, seems I can stay on longer with fewer players but will eventually happen regardless, unless I am alone, played hours and hours the other night when I was the only person.

The crash does not distinguish between custom or dev, stable, I have even tried running the dev build and it only got worse.

Just tried a Coop and DM same thing when it comes time to receive the mission file and sometimes when just starting it back up , it crashes to desktop, I do notice my Malewarebytes trys blocking certain IPs from Arma3.exe even though I have unblocked it, but even when I shut it down to play, I still get the same crashes so it must be unrelated, unless its due somehow to corrupted file somewhere.

I am running steam beta client as well, not sure how that would possible effect the game files and shouldn't but extra information.

yes I have run numerous times the file checker via steam properties of the game and it shows its all uncorrupted and OK.

No files attached. Please attach files according to the HOW TO GUIDE. Thank you

Closing due to lack of info/response. If the issue persists, please create a new ticket and make sure to attach all required files. (See the "how to guide", red button at the top right.)